Kim Samuel Reveals One Of The Worst Parts About Participating On Produce 101

He’s a very sensitive person.

Kim Samuel was a participant on the popular show Produce 101 Season 2. He was on the show until the final episode and was one of the more popular trainees at the time.


Samuel’s ending fairy pose for Produce 101 Season 2.


On an episode of Happy Together, he shares some of his experiences on the show. He first talks about the experience of living in a dorm for the first time.



He then states that the other participants made it extremely fun for him and he was able to bond with the others.



He then shares the 2 worst parts of the whole experience. One was the snoring from the other members.



The other terrible part was the bad foot odor from all the sweaty feet and shoes.



He hilariously states that this foot odor cleared his sinuses.



To everyone’s shock, he states the member who had the worst of the snoring.