Kim Samuel Releases New Song Ahead Of Debut

Kim Samuel wrote a letter to thanks his fans for supporting him in Produce 101 Season 2

Brave Entertainment released Kim Samuel’s handwritten letter on their official Twitter account.

Read the fully translated letter by Kim Samuel below!

“Hello. It’s Samuel! ❤❤

I honestly want to thank everyone who’s supported me and taken care of me so far.

I learned a lot through my experience at PRODUCE 101 SEASON 2.

I was part of the program for almost 4 months and there were some moments where I was really tired. However, due to my fans’ support and cheering – I kept getting the strength to keep going.

I am only here because of you guys. You guys sent me letters, voted for me until the very end and I just want to say I love you guys.

I received so much love and support – I will return the favor to everyone. ❤❤

I will work hard to deliver a great album and a better self to all my fans.

I hope you guys are still there when that time comes and hope you guys cheer for me then too.

I will become a Samuel that strives and works hard!”

— Kim Samuel

Kim Samuel also released a new solo song called “I’m Ready.” It showcases his talents as a singer and a rapper. 

The music video of this newly released song shows Kim Samuel’s progress from being a trainee to being the full-fledged performer he is today. 

Support Kim Samuel by checking out his newly released music video below!