This Is How Kim Sejeong Looks In A Full-Body Diving Suit…LOL

Kim Sejeong tried on a full body diving suit on “Boat Horn Clenched Fists” and she looked absolutely adorable!

gugudan‘s Sejeong struggling in a full-body diving suit is surely a sight to see!

She had to wear one for an episode of Boat Horn Clenching Fist.

She struggled wearing the bodysuit in the first place as Kim Byung Man pushed and pulled to fit her into it.

But the highlight of it all was when she poked her head into the headpiece!

Her chubby cheeks poked out and she literally became a cute cartoon character!

She continued to work while wearing the tight bodysuit and the viewers died from her adorableness!

Have you seen a more adorable diver?!

Even though her cheeks were squished in the suit, Sejeong still had a dandy good time!

Watch her fit into a bodysuit below: