Gugudan Sejeong Might Just Be the Next Rising Advertisement Idol

Gugudan‘s Sejeong might be on her way to becoming the new face of cosmetics in Korea.

Seeing the likes of Suzy, Krystal, IU, and Seolhyun on Korean TV screens has become an everyday occurrence, and recently Gugudan’s Sejeong has been standing out for her advertisements.

After becoming the face of the Korean cosmetic brand MILKYDRESS, a set of photos was released of Sejeong modeling a range of their products. The photos showed off Sejeong’s natural glow, smiling eyes, bright smile, and charms.

Her image is perfect for advertisements as her photos are very natural and energetic.

Having also modeled for Etude House, Sejeong is well on her way to becoming another familiar face behind some of Korea’s most popular beauty brands.

Take a look at some of thstunning shots they took of Sejeong below!

What a beautiful pink princess.
Sejeong looking fabulous with the color pink.
She looks so cute and innocent.
Sejeong shows off her charming, natural smile.
This close-up shows off her natural beauty and beautiful facial features.
Her pose and facial expressions are perfect.
Sejeong has such a perfect figure!
Her image is perfect for Etude House with her charming features and sweet smile!