Kim Seo Hyung Speaks About What Life Was Like After “SKY Castle”

Not many people recognized her?!

Kim Seo Hyung made headlines after her role as an extremely “strict” tutor in the drama SKY Castle.

On an episode of Because I Want To Talk, Kim Seo Hyung discussed with Lee Dong Wook some aspects of her life after SKY Castle concluded. Kim Seo Hyung shows appreciation for her role in SKY Castle because it’s what she believes is the reason she got to appear on multiple broadcast shows, such Because I Want To Talk.

Kim Seo Hyung also surprisingly didn’t get recognized in public places even after her appearance on the drama.

This lack of recognition could be due to Kim Seo Hyung’s actual personality being almost a complete opposite of her character in SKY Castle. That she’s actually a very nice and pure person in real life.

Many great things happened to Kim Seo Hyung after her appearance on SKY Castle other than invitations to broadcast shows. She got free food at restaurants if people recognized her for example.

Kim Seo Hyung goes more in-depth about her personality in real life and how she’s the type to speak when she has but also doesn’t speak when she doesn’t want to.

Watch the full video below!