Kim Seon Ho Once Received An Adorable Letter From A 6-Year-Old Fan

His reaction was adorable!

On a recent episode of 2 Days & 1 Night, Heart-throb actor Kim Seon Ho received a letter from a 6-year-old fan, Kim Ryeo Won.

Before opening the letters, Kim Seon Ho and his fellow castmates couldn’t get over how adorable Ryeo Won’s choice in purple paper was. Kim Seon Ho then read the letter aloud.

 Seon Ho oppa. Hello my name is Kim Ryeo Won. I’m 6 years old.

— Kim Ryeo Won

Just from the first line, Seon Ho and the cast couldn’t help but comment on how cute Kim Ryeo Won is. Kim Seon Ho claimed “how cute! She has a pretty name.” Following his comment, Kim Seon Ho continued to read Kim Ryeo Won’s letter.

You’re my favorite. I wish the other members don’t bother you. Seon Ho oppa. Cheer up!

— Kim Ryeo Won

The cast didn’t try to hold in their reaction and busted out in laughter. Kim Seon Ho jokingly mentioned that asking the members to stop messing with him is something he wanted to confess himself. He also added that the last two lines (“Seon Ho oppa. Cheer up!”) made him sad: “Ryeo Won do I look like I need to cheer up?

Kim Seon Ho then revealed Ryeo Won wrote him 2 pages and even stuck pretty stickers on the letter.

Fellow cast member Yeon Jung Hoon advised Kim Seon Ho to “cheer up for the sake of Ryeo Won. Don’t pass out.” To end the segment they read and wrote back to fans like Kim Ryeo Won.

Yes! Please don’t pass out Kim Seon Ho! fans everywhere will be heartbroken! Check out the moment down below: