Kim Seon Ho Is Simply Obsessed With TWICE’s Dahyun

He revealed what kind of relationship he wants with someone like her.

Actor Kim Seon Ho made a name for himself through his role in the popular Netflix drama, Start-Up alongside Suzy, and his follow-up with Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, and as a result, a past confession regarding his obsession with TWICE has resurfaced.

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In an interview back in January 2018, Kim Seon Ho revealed his personal playlist of favorite songs.

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Among songs such as Sam Smith‘s “Stay With Me” and Acourve‘s “What Was That”, Kim Seon Ho’s number one favorite song at the time was by TWICE.

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TWICE’s “Heart Shaker”, to be more exact.

I’m a TWICE fan, and I think ‘Heart Shaker’ is seriously the best. Through TWICE, I came to understand the feeling of uncle fans.

— Kim Seon Ho

Moreover, he named Dahyun as his absolute favorite.

I just love Dahyun. I wish I had a daughter just like Dahyun. When I just watch TWICE, I feel proud inside.

— Kim Seon Ho

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Netizens are loving Kim Seon Ho’s past confession.

Some of their comments include “I’d want a daughter like Dahyun, too“, “They do resemble each other“, “Dahyun is adorable“, and “He really meant it when he said he liked Asian features“.

Okay, but who can blame him though?


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