Male Actor Demands to Know Why Sulli Ignored His DM on Instagram

He followed her and slid into her DMs, but got no response.

On a recent episode of JTBC’s The Night of Hate Comments, actor Kim Seung Hyun confessed that he followed Sulli on Instagram and sent her a DM, only to get no response.

Ahead of his confession, Kim Seung Hyun read hate comments about him such as “Is Kim Seung Hyun crazy? I can’t believe he’s on the same level as Cha Eunwoo” and expressed, “Why do they have to be so harsh?” but also agreed with the comments.

In response, Kim Sook worryingly asked, “Why do you say that?” while Kim Jong Min yelled, “Are you crazy?” and Shin Dong Yup added, “Sulli has been courteously listening this whole time, but she now looks like she wants to die.

When Sulli denied it, Kim Seung Hyun took the opportunity to tell Sulli that he followed her Instagram account and even sent her a DM saying, “Hello” but that he didn’t get a response.

Sulli was surprised by this and simply answered, “I don’t read my DMs.

Kim Seung Hyun then explained why he sent her a DM by sharing, “I’m doing a cooking program. I wanted to ask you to be on it. But since we don’t know each other that well, I wanted to start off slow by saying hello through a DM.

Source: Dispatch