Kim So Hyun Reveals The Hardships She Faced Filming “River Where The Moon Rises” And “Love Alarm”

Even actresses who have worked in the industry for 13 years have insecurities.

Kim So Hyun recently collaborated with Singles Magazine for a bold pictorial and a quick interview.


In her currently airing series, River Where the Moon Rises, Kim So Hyun took on two roles. She stated that this made the K-Drama a big challenge.

I contemplated a lot before starting the drama. To be honest, it was to the point of thinking to myself about how great it would have been if I had played the role a few years down the road. But I knew that if I let the project go, I would regret it. It was a lot of pressure, but I’m glad that I’m hearing positive feedback on my acting.

—Kim So Hyun

She further explained that the way she gets through her doubts about herself is by getting advice from and interacting with her seniors in the industry.



River Where the Moon Rises is not the only series that has proven difficult for So Hyun. Love Alarm‘s second season recently premiered, and so So Hyun described the hardships she experienced as Jojo.

I need to understand and embrace Jojo, but it was hard to get into her situation and dig into her complicated emotions. I wondered if my acting range was too narrow to express Jojo. I gained courage when the director complimented me by saying that I was doing a great job. Through the series, I was able to think deeply about the many forms of love.

—Kim So Hyun


Kim So Hyun has been an actress for over 13 years, so she has portrayed a variety of characters. She revealed that she often thinks about her previous projects when she needs motivation. She added, “I get comforted by reminiscing over the attitude I had then and what kind of happiness I felt.

When asked what she would praise herself for, she said her efforts as an actress. She shared that she’s proud of herself for facing her flaws head-on and working so hard to fix them.

| @wow_kimsohyun/Instagram

To finish the interview, she was asked what kind of person she wanted to be remembered as when entering her thirties.

I would like thirty-year-old me to be a solid and honest person. Like I am now, but a little more than I am now.

—Kim So Hyun

Source: Singles
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