Actress Kim So Hyun Is Only Getting More Beautiful

Actress Kim So Hyun has grown up beautifully from when she first started acting until now.

She first started acting in small, minor roles when she was just an adorable 7-year-old.

Many fell for her cute bunny smile and sparkling eyes.

Kim So Hyun seemed to grow lovelier with each new drama.

She’s slowly shed her baby image, and most recently started to take on the role of everybody’s “first love”.

Her visuals were undeniably beautiful in tvN’s Goblin, where she portrayed a queen!

As she grows into a young woman, she continues to blossom even more.

Her style and makeup have changed over the years and her image has become more mature.

She’s grown into a beautiful model-like body with very long legs!

Everything about Kim So Hyun is perfect, including her eyes, nose, lips, and her goddess aura!

All of her pictures become more breathtaking by the day!

The only things that haven’t changed are her trademark features—her bright eyes and sweet smile.

Kim So Hyun continues to grow more beautiful as she makes her way to become a top actress!