Kim Soo Hyun freaks out after seeing Sulli’s goals for “Real”

Kim Soo Hyun, Sung Dong Il, and Sulli revealed what headlines they wished to see in the news after their film Real was released.

Kim Soo Hyun first shared that he wished to see news about how the film surpassed 2 million viewers, and Sung Dong Il also agreed.

Sulli revealed her dream headline would read, “Choi Jin Ri from movie ‘Real’: I’ve fallen for her too“.

Kim Soo Hyun and Sung Dong Il couldn’t believe Sulli’s headline and jokingly threw their own headlines away as a form of retaliation.

When Sulli tried to show her aegyo to Sung Dong Il, he joked that it was too late for her to save the situation.

In response, Sulli threw her headline away as well, invoking much laughter and showing how close they’d grown while filming.