Kim Soo Hyun Recently Confessed That Girl Groups Were a Big Part of His Military Life

He also revealed what he’s most looking forward to doing following his discharge.

Kim Soo Hyun was recently discharged from the military, and SBS’s Access Showbiz Tonight was there to witness it themselves.

During the interview, Kim Soo Hyun was asked if there was a specific girl group that gave him comfort as he served in the military.

In response, Kim Soo Hyun confessed, “The truth is, I make sure to watch the release of every new song by a girl group.” He even added, “I watched girl group music videos every single morning when I got up.

Kim Soo Hyun then expressed his relief of being discharged, and when he was asked what he was looking forward to doing, he shared, “Right now, I really want to get back into acting. I’ll be sure you pay you all back with good acting.

Source: Dispatch