Kim Soo Hyun Is Serious About His Bubble Tea But The Other Cast Members Can’t Relate

What is true bubble tea for you?

Recently on The Swoon‘s Instagram page, they released a fun “Ok or Not Ok” game played by the cast members of the tvN drama It’s Okay To Not Be Okay starring Kim Soo Hyun, Seo Ye Ji, and Oh Jung Se.

| “It’s Ok To Not Be Okay”/tvN

While answering various questions about different situations and daily life, they came across a question that asked, “Your friend bought you bubble tea without pearls.” To this, Seo and Oh put up the “ok” sign while Kim was the only one that said “Not Ok.”

After realizing that he was the only one that said “not ok” he felt totally betrayed and began his lecture about the fact that bubble tea cannot be bubble tea if it doesn’t have any bubbles.

While, Kim is passionately talking about bubble tea, Oh states that he’s fine with or without bubbles in his bubble tea.

Seo confidently states that she can just buy her bubble tea again if need be, causing Kim to be even more shocked at her answer.

Before moving on the next question, Kim emphasizes one more time to everyone that bubble tea needs the pearls in order for it to truly be bubble tea!

Do you agree with Kim Soo Hyun on his thoughts about bubble tea? Or are you fine with or without it like the other cast members? Let us know!

| @yokli/freepik