Kim Soo Hyun Sang With Lee Hong Ki And He Couldn’t Stop Laughing

Actor Kim Soo Hyun had Lee Hong Ki crying with laughter on KBS’s Kiss the Radio!

He sang FTISLAND’s “Wind” as a duet with his good friend.

He started off steady with his well-known vocals skills….

… but all of that belting got him straight in the gut!

“Ah-ooh… Let’s start over.”

— Kim Soo Hyun

After getting motivation from Lee Hong Ki, he was ready to get right back in there!

But first, they rocked out to the brief break!

Kim Soo Hyun was doing wonderfully!… until he forgot his lyrics.

But after his minor mishaps, Kim Soo Hyun finished off with his fabulous voice!

And the two friends couldn’t help but laugh at their unconventional duet!

Listen to their complete performance below!