Kim Soo Hyun’s Job In The Military Is Actually Surprisingly Dangerous

He’s always on the lookout for danger.

Ever since Kim Soo Hyun enlisted in the military, not much information has been released on his daily responsibilities. However, some specifics about his duties have just been revealed, and they are actually pretty dangerous!


Kim Soo Hyun is currently serving in the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, which is stationed in the DMZ (demilitarized zone).


The DMZ is located at the northernmost part of South Korea, and it serves as the border between North and South Korea.


Because of lingering tensions between the two Koreas, Kim Soo Hyun regularly patrols the area with his battalion, on the lookout for enemy ambushes. They also search for and avoid active land mines.

A North Korean land mine last exploded in 2015, which resulted in 2 casualties.


His fans won’t have to worry too much, because reports indicate that Kim Soo Hyun is acclimating well to his army life. Military officials shared that Kim Soo Hyun is an excellent sharpshooter with his rifle, and he did very well during basic training.


Despite being up to 10 years older than his fellow soldiers, Kim Soo Hyun gets along well with his peers and has good relationships with members of his battalion.


To protect his brothers-in-arms, Kim Soo Hyun mentioned in passing that he has denied all interviews during his enlistment. He does not want to burden his battalion.

“I feel burden to do any interviews because it can damage my battalion. I do not want to cause any harm to my fellow soldiers.” — Kim Soo Hyun


Kim Soo Hyun is expected to be discharged from the military on July 22, 2019.

Source: News2day and Insight