Kim Tae Ri Offers Wise Words of Advice to Fans Who Feel Stuck and Unmotivated in Life

“Usually, all thoughts that make you anxious are useless and should be forgotten.”

Actress Kim Tae Ri recently chatted with her fans on V Live and showed a more easy-going side of herself that’s contrasting of the roles she’s known for playing in movies and dramas.

During the conversation, a fan confessed, “I don’t know what I should be doing on my days off, and I want to live a busy life, but time passes too quickly and I always feel tired.

In response, Kim Tae Ri sympathized with her fan and said, “You get anxious about time passing too quickly, and you feel dumb for not doing anything in your free time, right?

She then explained, “Rather than thinking about the past or future, it’s best to only focus on the present.” She also added, “Usually, all thoughts that make you anxious are useless and should be forgotten.

Kim Tae Ri used herself as an example and advised, “Watching a movie or reading a book doesn’t seem like much, but if you do them, you feel like you’ve done something and feel better as a result.

She also mentioned, “You don’t have to finish a book. You can just read snippets here and there. That’s why I need a lot of bookmarks. I even use napkins or receipts sometimes.

She wrapped up her thoughts by expressing, “Instead of feeling stuck, I think doing something, even if it’s reading just three pages of a book, is very worthwhile.

Source: Insight