Kim Woo Bin Was Scammed Out Of $66,000 Has Still Not Been Paid

Actor Kim Woo Bin and Go Soo are taking legal actions against advertisers who did not pay for their advertisement contract.

Go Soo signed the advertisement contract back in 2012 for the amount of 125,000,000 won ($125,000USD) and Kim Woo Bin signed the contract in 2013, for 66,000,000 won ($66,000 USD).

Although both Go Soo and Kim Woo Bin fulfilled the contractual obligations, they were not paid for their due for years.

The court already has ordered the advertisement company (company S) to pay the due fees, they are holding to make the payment because the company does not have any assets available.

The Korean Entertainment Management Association is also planning to take legal actions against the company S and are also requesting other companies not to work with them.

They expressed that it is unethical for a company to keep running without meeting all the required condition to run the company.

“Not paying for the promised wage is the worst thing to happen in our industry. Our association will try our best to make sure to ban companies from working with the company S. We want to make sure there are no more victims. This is unlawful and it inhibits entertainment industry from prospering.”

— Korean Entertainment Management Association

Source: Dispatch