Kim Woo Bin’s True Personality Revealed By Security Camera Footage

Kim Woo Bin‘s recent interaction with a parking attendant was caught on a security camera at a parking lot and seeing it will make you smile!

A lot can be said about a person based on the way they treat those who work in the service industry. Famous actor Kim Woo Bin is no exception and his recent actions towards a valet parking attendant proved that he truly has a heart of gold.

In the video, Kim Woo Bin politely bows not once, not twice, but three times out of respect for a parking attendant. In such a short interaction, Woo Bin displayed manners that would make even his mother proud!

He also looked very handsome as well! Clad in an all-black slim suit, the 6′ 2″ (187 cm) actor looked great as he walked back to his vehicle.

Check it out below!

Due to his polite and friendly personality, it’s no wonder he has such a close relationship with actress, Park Shin Hye.

Source: Dispatch