Kim Wooseok of “Produce X 101” Left a Bag of Candy and a Heartfelt Letter in Front of His Subway Ad

He left some personal touches of his own on the subway ad.

Produce X 101 contestant, Kim Wooseok is recently visited his subway ad to show appreciation for the fans who put it up for him, and fans who spotted him there shared photos all over social media and online communities.

The shared photos show Kim Wookseok taking pictures of the sign as well as selfies while standing in front of it.

Another photo shows Kim Wooseok simply admiring the sign and reading the post-it notes that other fans left and even taking some with him.

After that, Kim Wooseok left a bag of candy in front of the sign for his fans to enjoy and wrote a heartfelt letter of his own to show his appreciation for his fans.

The letter reads, “I didn’t know I could be this happy. Thank you very much. I’m happy every single day because of you. If you see this letter, please enjoy some candy, and I hope you can all be happy, too. I love you, and I’ll be back. Kim Wooseok.

Source: Insight