Kim Yoo Jung Practiced For Months For Her Dance Scene in “Love in the Moonlight”

Kim Yoo Jung dedicated two months to practicing her beautiful traditional dance in Love in the Moonlight.

KBS‘s beloved series, Love in the Moonlight, was a drama series that followed the crown prince Lee Young (played by Park Bo Gum) as he fell in love with Hong Ra On (played by Kim Yoo Jung), a woman who dressed up like a man and counseled men on relationships.

One of the most beautiful scenes in the series was when Ra On took off her disguise and gave a captivating performance of a traditional Korean dance in front of guests at a royal banquet.

Kim Yoo Jung was guided by dance director Yoon Mi Young while learning the dance. According to Yoon Mi Young, Kim Yoo Jung had practiced the dance for two months to perfect it for the scene.

Furthermore, Kim Yoo Jung not only learned and practiced the dance for the series, but she also refine her janggu skills (Korean traditional drum), and also learned how to ride a horse properly to truly understand her character and grow as an actress.

“I learned a lot of new things, and I felt learning those things were extremely helpful for me.”

— Kim Yoo Jung

Watch her captivating performance below.

Source: OSEN