Kim Yuna Describes How Life Has Been Following Her Retirement

The legendary figure skater likes to keep it simple.

The fashion magazine, Harper’s Bazaar shared a pictorial of the legendary figure skater, Kim Yuna as well as an interview that they had with her.

Along with gorgeous shots of Kim Yuna pulling off “French chic” fashion, the magazine shared what Kim Yuna had to say about the handbag named after her and how life has been since she retired from figure skating.

Regarding the handbag that will only be released in Korea as a limited edition, Kim Yuna described it as a bag “that was inspired by her”.

Since the Kim Yuna that most people remember is the figure skater on ice, the color of the bag resembles the ice a lot. I like the cold yet warm feel of the overall look.

– Kim Yuna

She then went on to describe her life after retirement and expressed that she’s happy doing the most trivial things.

I’m not really doing anything special. I watch all the movies that I previously wanted to see when I have time. It’s not like I’m doing anything that fun or exciting, but because I haven’t done such trivial things before in my life, moments like those make me happy.

– Kim Yuna

Kim Yuna also added that she thinks of herself as an ordinary person, so she tries her best not to be one-sided and establish a good balance in her life.


Source: Dispatch