Kim Yuna Clears Up A Misunderstanding From One Of Her Popular Memes

“I really wanted to explain this.”

While retired figure skater Kim Yuna earned the title “Ice Queen” for her talents, she also had memorable moments off the ice. Because of how popular one meme from her high school days became, she didn’t pass up the chance to reveal what actually happened.

Kim Yuna | @yunakim/Instagram

Out of all Kim Yuna’s high school memes, there was one called “Kim Yuna making a face after checking her grades.” She admitted that wasn’t what she was doing at all.

While it was the day of exams, Kim Yuna was really handing out autographs to the students. Her look of surprise was a result of something else.

Kim Yuna was instructed to give the students “sheets of paper with numbers on them.” She said, “I didn’t know I had to do this.

That’s why Kim Yuna was “super surprised and confused” at the moment, making the perfect face for a meme. From there, the media took it and called it something else.

Since memes show such a brief moment in time, they’re not always what they seem. Listen to Kim Yuna finally explain her side.

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