“King the Land” And “Squid Game” Actor Anupam Tripathi Was Ready To Give Up And Return Home — So Why Did He Stay?

An unexpected thing made him stay.

Indian actor Anupam Tripathi (who played Ali in Netflix‘s Squid Game and Prince Samir in King the Land) was interviewed by Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany for YouTube channel Mobidic.

Tiffany (left) and Anupam Tripathi (right) | @tiffanyyoungofficial/Instagram

The two visited Anupam’s school in Seoul, Korea National University of Arts, and took a stroll around the beautiful campus grounds.

As they conversed, Anupam revealed that he is very fond of talking walks because it helps him clear his mind and think of new ideas.

Taking a walk is one of my routines. It helps me clear my head, and at times, it helps me come up with some new and fresh ideas. I wait and some ideas and dreams pop up in my head while walking.

— Anupam

The most life-changing idea he came up with while walking was to stay in Korea! His original plan was to return to India after graduating, but he had a thought that good things were to come for him if he stayed.

I was supposed to go back to India after graduation for good. But one day, taking a walk got me thinking, ‘Anupam, stay in Korea! Something good will happen to you soon.

— Anupam

Tiffany was shocked to hear that he thought of that while walking, and he explained that it was as if it “came from somewhere else.

The voice in his head was completely correct because it didn’t take long before he was offered many acting roles! “Indeed, I had chances to join several films and plays after that,” he said.

As Squid Game viewers would know, Anupam was given the role of a lifetime when he portrayed Ali, a Pakistani worker in South Korea who joined the deathly games to earn money for his wife and young child.

If he didn’t take a walk that day, he may not have joined the cast of Squid Game and risen to the widespread fame that he enjoys today!

Ali in “Squid Game” | Netflix

He took that appearance and transitioned into another high-profile role as Prince Samir in King the Land.