“Kingdom” Screenwriter Gives Details On The Upcoming Special Episode

We can’t wait to see how this mysterious figure changes everything!

On February 25, screenwriter Kim Eun Hee and director Kim Sung Hoon participated in the Netflix event called “See What’s Next Korea 2021.” The screenwriter happened to drop some hints about the bonus story Kingdom: Ashin of the North!

The two Kingdom seasons were introduced in January 2019 and March 2020 and there were enthusiastic reactions from around the world. It was exciting, unfamiliar, and exhilarating. I was worried that Kingdom would be foreign to others, but I actually think there was more synergy abroad. Netflix has become a supporter and ally that is fearless, disruptive, and unbiased when it comes to new attempts.

—Kim Sung Hoon

Kim Eun Hee agreed that she was worried, but the outstanding response motivated her to work even harder. When asked about her decision to make a special episode instead of simply moving on to the third season, she responded that the story of the saengsacho (resurrection plant) was essential. She thought that making a special episode would be more interesting and detailed than integrating it into the third season. Kim Sung Hoon added, “If the first season served as the foundation, ‘Kingdom: Ashin of the North’ will be a stepping stone to go beyond season 3.

The special episode will be centering around Jun Ji Hyun’s character, Ashin, the mysterious woman Lee Chang’s (Joo Ji Hoon‘s) party encountered while heading north on their search for saengsacho‘s secret.

As you may have guessed from her attire, she is the heir of the Northern Yeojin tribe village who lives near the Yalu River. Think of her as the person who is closest to the secret of the saengsacho.

—Kim Eun Hee


Kim Sung Hoon said that there was no need to explain why they cast Jun Ji Hyun as she is an actress that gained immense praise for over 20 years.

When we filmed the first scene in Jeju Island, I, as well as the other staff members, could see why she was so admired for all those years.

—Kim Sung Hoon

The director added that they finished filming the special episode and are currently preparing it for broadcast. He shared that it is likely to be released this year.

Source: Sport TV News