BIGBANG Was Meant To Debut As a 6-Member Group, And The “Lost” Member Is A Famous Idol Too

Only long-time fans will know this secret.

Whether you’re a second-gen K-Pop fan or a newer fan, there’s little doubt you’ve heard of BIGBANG. The group, famously known as the Kings of K-Pop, debuted in 2006 and have done their work spreading the Hallyu wave since day one.

They’re one of the biggest-selling boy bands in the world, surpassing even the Backstreet Boys and the Jackson Five! Despite all the scandals they’ve encountered over their long careers, some of which are quite serious, their cultural and global impact cannot be denied.

But did you know that rather than debuting as a five-member group, BIGBANG was meant to have a sixth member? It’s true, and it was all revealed in their official documentary back in 2006.

Indeed, the sixth member of the group was meant to be Hyunseung

…Who went on to join BEAST, as well as a member of Troublemaker, and a soloist!

Were you surprised to learn that Hyunseung was meant to be in BIGBANG, or are you a longtime K-Pop fan who knew this “secret” for years?