Did You Know TWICE’s Tzuyu Has A Korean Name?

It made sense when she explained why.

Fans are often surprised when they learn how to pronounce TWICE Tzuyu‘s name, and even some longtime ONCE are shocked to learn the true way to say her name!

What some fans might also not know is that Tzuyu has a Korean name! Yes, it’s true! During a 2016 appearance of Happy Together, Tzuyu shared her Korean name with everyone.

Source: KBS WORLD/YouTube

Tzuyu revealed her Korean name is “Joohee” because it sounds similar to the correct pronunciation of her name! (The correct way to say Tzuyu’s name is “chewy”!)

Everyone calls me Joohee.


Source: KBS WORLD/YouTube

Did you know about Tzuyu’s Korean name or is this brand new information to you?

Watch Tzuyu explain her Korean name to the cast of Happy Together below, from 0:00 to about 0:15.