This Is Known As Suzy’s Most Revealing Stage Outfit Of All Time (10+ Photos)

This outfit still remains one of Suzy’s sexiest looks on stage!

Suzy wore a rather revealing outfit to her performance for the “Beijing the Multicolored City Event” held at the Beijing Dreamport Mall and it will forever remain one of her sexiest stage outfits.


When the pictures of Suzy wearing a black skirt, thigh-high socks, and a black-and-white striped top went viral in a thread titled, “Girl Who Became Someone Else Away from Home”, fans lost their minds.


Suzy looked great in her shape-revealing outfit. The sexy top, and the extra sexy cleavage, really brought out Suzy’s beauty and confidence on stage. Suzy’s gorgeousness, face and body, topped with her talent, blew the fans’ minds.


The performance was a great success and Suzy’s Chinese fans loved seeing this side of her!


Fans reacted with curiosity as to why Suzy doesn’t wear similar outfits in Korea.

  • “Why doesn’t she wear this type of costumes in Korea?”

  • “Suzy is a very pretty girl.”

  • “I think the pattern on the top and the lighting play a big part too.”

  • “I don’t want her to wear things like this. She’s gorgeous as is.”

  • “Of course she doesn’t wear this in Korea. She’d get so much hate.”


Following the performance, Suzy took to Instagram to thank fans in Chinese, writing, “Thank you so much everyone.”

Source: Sports Seoul
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