The Discrimination Foreigners Face When Trying To Get Jobs In Korea

Even getting a part-time job is far from easy.

Korea may be a popular country for foreigners to visit but can be difficult for them to stay long-term. During a KBS documentary, a family from Iran revealed the discrimination they faced while trying to find jobs to support themselves.

One of the family’s daughters revealed that many jobs rejected her just for being a foreigner.

The discrimination was so bad that employers would “just hang up” as soon as they discovered she was a foreigner. It happened so often when she first moved to Korea that she “cried a lot” about it. That wasn’t the only obstacle they faced, though.

The second daughter revealed that foreign names are immediately rejected for jobs. She said, “Names are important because if your name is long, they don’t even look at your resume.

Even if they speak Korean well enough to do the job, it still won’t be enough to overcome their foreign name.

Despite their mother being Korean and beginning naturalization to become Korean citizens, it’s not an easy process for the two Iranian sisters as foreigners.