Korea’s Instant Rice Packaging May Look Simple But It’s Actually High Tech AF

Instant rice is not so simple after all!

Instant rice is one of the go-to foods for Koreans for a quick and easy meal since it’s extremely convenient!


Although it may seem very simple since it’s easy to make, instant rice is in fact very high-tech!


First of all, it can be stored at room temperature for up to 9 months without any preservatives through an advanced high-pressure steam pasteurization and bacteria-free vacuum packaging.


In addition, it is topped with a quadruple-layer special film cover and uses a triple-layer special plastic container that blocks oxygen and preserves the aroma of the interior.


Moreover, the 20-side structure of the container is a practical design that prevents the product from getting crushed during the distribution process.


And the dented area on the bottom of the package helps the microwaves reach the inside to speed up the rice cooking process.


It even implements an easy-peel technology that makes it easy to peel off the packaging without leaving any residue on the container.


Instant rice is so delicious thanks to its not-so-simple technology!


With all the variety instant rice is coming out with these days, it’s no wonder it’s the perfect quick and easy meal for Koreans!

Source: Bada TV