Meet Korea’s First Ever Karaoke Convenience Store Playing K-Pop 24/7

re eveCU, a major convenience store brand in Korea launched the first ever ‘Karaoke Convenience Store’ in Hongdae!

Located in one of Seoul’s most vibrant and youth-driven areas, Hongdae Street of Youth, the karaoke building houses a CU store on its ground floor, offering over 1,000 different types of food, snacks, and beverages not offered at conventional karaoke franchises.

The interior of the CU is the best part, with disco balls and neon signs everywhere. The music they play? K-Pop of course. It’s blasting 24/7.

According to CU, the store has proven to be a huge success. The new venture is one of several CU endeavors in which its stores team up with other businesses including restaurants, drugstores, and even banks, with digital kiosks.

Hard to complain about a convenience store that plays K-Pop all day!

Source: Korea Biz Wire