Here’s What A Day In The Life Of A Korea University Student Is Like

Relieving stress is essential for all students.

A YouTube channel by the name of Crimson Education interviewed a Korea University student in order to get an idea of who he is and what the university is like. The student’s name is Kim Tae Hyung and he studies mathematics.

A typical day for himself is going to classes, hanging out with friends during his break time, and participating in club activities.

Kim Tae Hyung also gave a mini-tour of the university campus.

The university is also deeply involved in its history and culture, which can be seen when looking at their Centennial Exhibition Hall.

He ends his day by going to a local arcade to relieve some stress from his student duties.

He also concludes by going to a chicken restaurant as he’s part of a chicken club for his school. The day concludes with him enjoying the atmosphere and having an enjoyable time with other students.

Watch the full video below!