Korean 12 Year-Old Lost Her Mom To Cancer, And Her Poem Will Hit You Right In The Feels

A sixth grader’s poem to his mom is making netizens all across Korea cry a river.

The poem, entered into a provincial poetry competition, deals with a child’s remembrance of his mother after she passed away of cancer. Its title, “The Sang I want to Receive the Most”, is a play on words — sang in Korean can mean an award, a face, or a table set with food.

Read the heart-breakingly beautiful poem by the 12 year-old Korean literary genius below.

“Even when I do nothing,

or act out,

there will always be,

a Sang taken for granted.

A Sang I can receive

Three times a day at

breakfast, lunch, dinner.”

“One I don’t have to say

thank you or anything for.

Why didn’t I know then?

Why didn’t I see then?

My mom’s wrinkled hands

preparing the table.

Why couldn’t I hold it then?

Why couldn’t I

say thank you?”

“I repeat the words,

sitting along in front of the table

I will never have again,

that I’ve hidden since.

“Mom, I  love you.”

“Mom, thank you.”

“Mom, rest in peace.”

The Sang I want to receive the most in the world,

mom’s Sang,

one I can’t sit at anymore.”

“Now, I will set the Sang

for you, mom.

I will fill it with


you like.

But I still miss

mom’s Sang,

one I won’t have anymore,

the one I want the most in the world,

my mom’s face (Sang).”