Korean Actor Confesses He Used To Cross Dress And Work At A Transgender Bar

And it helped him become one of the sexiest men to do this!

On Life Bar, actor Kim Jae Wook shared his experience working as a cross dressed server at a transgender bar.

He explained it was in preparation for his role in the musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch.


Looking for inspiration for his acting, Kim Jae Wook visited a transgender bar.

Kim Jae Wook realized he needed a lot more research time, so he asked the bar manager if he could work for free.


Kim Jae Wook said he served at the bar, working in full costume.

“I got ready to go out in costume with everyone else who worked there. Because I was wearing such heavy make-up, no one recognized me. It was very strange.”


Kim Jae Wook added he learned everything he need to know to portray Hedwig at the bar. He found the whole experience very helpful.

Kim Jae Wook’s interpretation of the Hedwig role is known to be one of the sexiest.


Watch Kim Jae Wook sing on stage as Hedwig:

Source: Dispatch