This Korean Actor Secretly Visited the Sokcho Fire Sites and Lent a Hand to Affected Victims

“I want to do something. Let’s do this together.”

In the midst of many celebrities making donations to help the victims of forest fires in Gangwon Province, a famous Korean actor is drawing particular attention by visiting the sites himself in order to lend a helping hand.

Actor Jo Jae Yoon recently made a post on his official Instagram account which reads, “I’m sure many people are helping as we speak, but I want to do something. Let’s do this together.

But that’s not all he did. He then went to the affected areas himself to deliver donated items actively participate in other volunteer services.

Regarding Jo Jae Yoon’s contribution, his agency, FNC Entertainment stated, “We didn’t know Jo Jae Yoon went all the way to Gangwon Province to volunteer himself until a lot later.

It’s been reported that in addition to donating and engaging in rescue operations, he’s also providing support for children rehabilitation hospitals and firefighters, for which he’s receiving a lot of praise and admiration.

Source: Insight and Oh My News