Korean Actor Reveals That His Manager Hit Him With A Beer Bottle and Locked Him Up For 9 Months

A Korean musical actor revealed a revolting story about frequent assaults and incarceration committed by a former manager.

Min Woo Hyuk revealed on MBC Every1’s Video Star that his former manager used physical violence on him on many occasions.

In fact, he suffered from concussions so many times that he was hospitalized 7 times over the years.

“At the time, I did not know how to fight back. I thought it was like that for everybody. “

— Min Woo Hyuk

He continued the confession as he was once hit in the head with a beer bottle because he was late for half an hour to an event.

The reason he could not expose the abuser at the time was that Min Woo Hyuk was the eldest son in the house, and he did not want to be a burden to his parents with extreme concerns.

The entire audience was infuriated when he revealed that he was locked up for 9 months.

“He knew that I could not go home with bruises and cuts on my face because my parents did not know about the assault.

He used that against me and beat me up consistently so I would always have bruises and cuts on my face.”

— Min Woo Hyuk

According to Min Woo Hyuk, thankfully, the manager is no longer working in the industry, and to this date, he does not know why the manager had to be so abusive.

Everyone who heard his shocking story was enraged as well, demanding the justice to take place for the accused.

” Oh no”

” The manager was determined to kill this guy. He should be put away for a life sentence.”

“He must go to jail!”

Source: Dispatch