Korean Actor Leaves a Very Positive Review of a Selfie Stick He Bought Online

He was very satisfied with his purchase.

A netizen found actor Shim Hyeong Tak‘s online review of a selfie stick and shared it for all fans to see.

The post consists of a positive review the actor left along with photos of Shim Hyeong Tak using his selfie stick.

The review reads as follows:

My product arrived safely. The delivery was very fast, and I love my selfie stick. Thank you for the letter you sent me when I bought a charger last time. I’m sorry I didn’t contact you. I lost the business card. I love it. I’m using the charger really well, and I’m also liking the cable that splits off into three. The photo I’ve attached is one I took on set with my selfie stick. I hope your business continues to grow. If I need anything else, I’ll come to you. I wish you health and happiness. Thank you for your letter of encouragement.

– Shim Hyeong Tak

Fans who saw this review responded with comments such as “He’s such a cute person“, “He’s so down-to-earth“, and “I love Shim Hyeong Tak“.

Source: Dispatch