This “Mr. Sunshine” Actress Is Desperately Searching for the Person That Saved Her Life on a Subway

Due to an illness, she ended up passing out at a subway station.

Actress Oh Ah Yeon (Mr. Sunshine) recently uploaded a post looking for the person that helped her when she was in need on her official Instagram page.

The post starts off with the announcement, “I’m looking for the person that got off the Wangsimni bound train with me at Seoul Forest Station at 2:30 this afternoon.

She explained, “Due to an illness I have, I lost consciousness this afternoon, and this person called 911, my friend, and stayed by my side until help arrived. But unfortunately, I was too ill to give them a proper thank you.

Oh Ah Yeon continued, “I’m posting this here because I didn’t get their name or number. If you see this message, please contact me. I’m sincerely thankful to you.”

From the sounds of it, it appears that Oh Ah Yeon passed out at a subway station and was helped by a person who happened to spot her.

In addition to the touching story of how she was helped, it’s also heartwarming to see the actress earnestly trying to deliver her feelings of gratitude to the Good Samaritan.

Source: Insight