Korean Actress Freaks Out After Meeting Oh My Girl’s Arin For The First Time

Child actress Ryu Han Bee had her dreams come true when she finally met Oh My Girl‘s Arin in person, and both their reactions are priceless.

In a recent episode of the kids’ variety program Smash It!, Oh My Girl and Ryu Han Bee appeared as guest stars and met each other for the first time.

When Han Bee was being introduced, she seemed to be adorably shy as she hid behind the other guests and barely made eye contact with Arin. The staff then explained that she was a huge fan of Arin, and had been telling other guests how big of a fan she was.

The host Defconn then moved Hyun Bee closer to Arin, but upon meeting eyes with her, Hyun Bee immediately jumped back out of embarrassment and couldn’t stop fangirling over her. In response, Arin also couldn’t control herself and began getting red in the face because of how hilarious the situation was.

Defconn then arranged for the two to maintain eye contact for 3 seconds, but when their eyes met, Hyun Bee ended up screaming and running away again.

Check out their adorable fangirl moment here!