This “Train to Busan” Actress Buys a New Bottle of Perfume on Every Vacation for a Very Clever Reason

Jung Yu Mi applies the Proust Phenomenon to make the most out of her vacations.

Actress Jung Yu Mi recently spoke in an interview with Allure, and some of its contents have been shared in various online communities.

During the interview, Jung Yu Mi shared, “Whenever I go traveling abroad, I buy a new bottle of perfume as soon as I get there. And then I only wear that perfume for the rest of my trip.

She explained her reason by adding, “When I smell that perfume after a long time following the trip, it reminds me of all the memories from that place. Perfumes are memories for me.

The method that Jung Yu Mi uses is known as the Proust Phenomenon, which was proven by Rachel Herz and her research team back in 2001.

The team presented a photo and a scent to their subjects, and then later took out the photo and only asked them to smell the scent.

The results showed that the subjects remembered the past more clearly when they only smelled the scent compared to when they saw the photo as well.

As a result, it’s become widely known that scents make clearer memories than sight, and Jung Yu Mi seems to be using the method in order to make the most of her vacations.

Source: Dispatch