Korean Actress Reveals She Lost 55 Pounds All Because Of Korean Stereotypes Towards Older Women

She didn’t want to be seen as an older lady.

Actress Cha Ye Ryun opened up about the drastic transformation she had to undergo after the birth of her first baby. She revealed that she had gained weight during her pregnancy because she was focused on the baby’s health.

I loved myself even when I gained weight. I ate a variety of food comfortable during my pregnancy, and I lived well just as always.

— Cha Ye Ryun

But when she was returning to the screen, she had to shed all of the weight or be labeled as an older woman who lacks appeal. That’s why she lost 55kg before her comeback with the drama Perfume.

I think every person has a different standard, but I see a lot of cases where people are trapped by the standards solely set on outer appearances.

I didn’t want to be trapped in the label as an ‘ajumma (older woman)’, so I lost 25kgs.

You can’t help it when you’re working as an actress.

— Cha Ye Ryun

Although she had to lose weight for her career, she believes that inner beauty is more important than outer beauty. She says anyone who is beautiful on the inside will look beautiful on the outside as well.

I think the most important part is your inner beauty. If you’re beautiful on the inside, that itself makes you beautiful and you’ll also become beautiful on the outside.

— Cha Ye Ryun