This Korean Actress’s Unchanging Visual Has Netizens 200% Convinced That She Is A Vampire

She isn’t aging… at all!

Jang Nara, one of the first generation female solo vocalists in K-Pop history, is now better known as a successful actress.


And though she has had a fair share of hit songs and popular TV shows, Jang Nara will always be best known for this one thing – and it’s her unchanging visuals.


Jang Nara, born 1981 – making her 38 years old of age, will be playing a leading role in the upcoming K-Drama VIP.


And these most recent on-set photos of how the actress hasn’t aged a bit since her last appearance on the screens are now wowing netizens.

I’d believe if someone told me she’s still in college.

— Netizen


Netizens are commenting that Jang Nara is definitely the most prominent “Dong-an (동안, young-looking / not aging)” K-celeb in the industry. Regardless of her age, Jang Nara is boasting the most flawless skin, beautiful smile, and most importantly energetic vibe that the viewers believe to be the source of her youthfulness.

Why am I the only one aging here? Does time work differently for her?

— Netizen


She has earned herself the nickname and reputation of a vampire – for her permanently-young visual that remained unchanged in the decade past! Korean viewers can’t wait to see Jang Nara act again once the drama VIP airs – projected to be some time in the second half of 2019.

Jang Nara in 2002, 2009, 2015, and 2019 (left to right)

Wow, the curious case of Jang Nara. She looks younger now than when she was actually young. She’s definitely a vampire!

— Netizen

Source: Nate Pann and News Chosun