South Korean soldiers rank their favorite girl groups

A South Korean air force soldier has compiled a list of the most popular girl groups in the military by taking into account the opinions of soldiers from his community.

Reddit user OwlOfJune posted a month back on his opinions about the most popular idols in the military. His original post contained his point of view and what he personally experienced in his base. However, he made a new post recently to tell the K-pop community of some new findings.

As a result, he compiled a new list based on the rankings he found. When placing groups into ranks, he took into account their fandom size, public popularity, and selling power.

S+ Rank

  • TWICE — they are unmatched by other girl groups

S Rank

  • Red Velvet — may change depending on their comeback, but SM Entertainment has been pushing them very firmly

A+ Rank

  • G-Friend — considered TWICE’s rival group and could’ve been in the S rank, but their comeback “Fingertip” was not as successful
  • BLACKPINK — they come from a reliable company and is doing well, but their fandom is still not fully developed
  • AOA — they are selling well and is very popular, but there have been many controversies surrounding them lately
  • MAMAMOO — does not have a big fandom, but is widely liked even by those who are not usually into girl groups

A Rank

  • A-Pink — they have a big fandom and are famous, but they have not been doing well lately
  • Girls’ Day — has been out of the entertainment world for too long, but their recent comeback has been selling well
  • SISTAR — very popular and sells well, but their fandom is quite small
  • EXID — known for their sexy concepts and is doing well, but has the least fans in A rank

A- Rank

  • Lovelyz — nicknamed “The Gatekeeper” because they are not at A rank, but also not at B rank and have the most supportive fans that are over the age of 30

B+ Rank

  • Oh My Girl — they are popular with soldiers, but not yet widely known
  • Cosmic Girls — known thanks to members Cheng Xiao and Yeonjung as well as their successful songs, but still needs a little development
  • Pristin — a rookie group, but their debut has been successful

B Rank

  • Laboum — member Solbin is one of the main reasons why soldiers like them, and Laboum often performs at military events
  • Gugudan — thanks to the popularity of Sejeong and Mina were they able to come this far
  • April — their song “April Story” was good, but not as successful as other groups
  • CLC — they have more female fans due to their girl-crush concept but are doing quite well

C Rank

  • SONAMOO — the members are cute and talented, but their name is not appealing, and they are not selling well
  • DIA — they are only known thanks to Chaeyeon

Source: OwlofJune from Reddit