This Korean-American Vine Star Walked Through NYC In A Male Romper

Korean-American social media star QPark walked around NYC in a male romper to see what kind of reactions he would get, and the results were quite surprising.

Since men’s rompers have been so popular, Vine personality QPark took to the streets of New York to see what all the fuss was about.

Park explored 3 neighborhoods in New York, starting in Washington Heights where a group of teenagers followed him around telling him how much they liked the romper.

After that, he went to get a haircut at a popular barbershop in Washington Heights, and that’s when things got awkward.

The men in the barbershop didn’t hesitate to tell him how stupid they thought he looked and asked if he was from a different planet.

He handled it well, though, and went on to Harlem, where many people were clearly amused by his outfit.

One woman kept telling him how sexy he looked and even took pictures of him!

Later on, two more people complimented him and checked out his “cakes.”

Lastly, he went to Times Square, where he got some of the best reactions.

Check out the full video of his experience below!