This Korean-American Is Getting Super Popular For His English Mukbang Videos

With mukbangs becoming an international phenomenon, this Youtuber has been getting lots of attention for his extra-satisfying videos!

Ben Deen, a 26-year-old Korean-American Youtuber living in Seoul, has been making videos for about a year now, with the first being the Korean Fire Noodle Challenge!

Along with his chill vibes, Ben Deen makes a variety of different mukbang videos, from American food, all the way to Thai, he’s got it all and it’s grabbing the attention of a lot of people!

As an April Fools’ joke on his viewers, Ben Deen made a hilarious “water mukbang” video! Viewers praised him for being able to make a whole 10-minute video of himself drinking and talking about water without laughing!

Ben Deen started his youtube channel after watching KEEMI‘s mukbang videos on youtube, and believes it’s all thanks to her!

Besides a great sense of humor and satisfying mukbang videos, Ben Deen has many lifestyle videos as well, varying from styling his hair and skin care to facts about Korea!

When talking about his interests and answering a few questions, Ben Deen revealed that although he hasn’t been watching that many dramas at the time, his two favorite K-Drama’s are”Secret Garden” and “My Love From Another Star”. He also said that he really likes a show called “Let’s Eat” since the actors ate a lot of delicious foods, it’s no surprise he makes mukbang videos!

Ben Deen has been attracting a large audience with his chill vibe and his awesome mukbang videos, and with his channel carrying a large variety of content, it’s no wonder he’s been getting the attention!