Korean Animator Totally Nails The Struggle of Trying To Stay Awake In Class

Seoro Oh‘s animated short film, “Afternoon Class”, has gone viral for perfectly capturing the almost impossible task of staying awake in class.

Seoro Oh is a freelance illustrator and animator. He specializes in robotic animation and has a video series called Short Flash Transformers on his YouTube account, but for his graduation project, Seoro did something a little different. Seoro animated a short video titled “Afternoon Class”.

Seoro’s film explores the extremely familiar situation of trying to fight through a class that is just impossible to stay awake in. The way he describes this task is spot on too, as the main character’s head morphs into heavier and heavier objects as he struggles to keep his head upright and his focus on the professor.

The video has become a huge success, going on to be screened at several major film festivals, such as The Annecy International Animated Film Festival, Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film, Zagreb Film Festival, and the Hiroshima International Animation Festival.

He explained that his inspiration for the video was from firsthand experiences.

“When I had an afternoon class in school, I used to try to keep from nodding off by shaking my head, which felt much heavier than normal. It was so funny that, while other friends slept comfortably, I would fight against my drowsiness. I wanted to create a funny animation that captured both how sweet the drowsiness is and how hard it is to overcome. I used the fantasy elements in the film to help convey the subjective feelings and add humor to the narrative. Although “Afternoon Class” is based on my own experience, you may find it familiar.”

— Seoro Oh

Check out the full short film below! 

Source: Cartoonbrew