Korean army votes on which female idol could survive guerrilla training

Korean soldiers voted Gugudan‘s Sejeong as the top female idol who would do well in receiving guerilla training.

Guerilla training is a high-intensity training program involving tactics, strategy, and organization in warfare, and a group consisting of 1276 military personnel voted on which female idol member would do well in receiving the training.

The poll was conducted by The Korea Defense Daily, Korea’s military newspaper, and almost a quarter of participants (24.8%) voted Gugudan’s Sejeong would do very well based on her physical strength and vibrant personality.

“She’s strong enough to win an arm-wrestling match against a man, and she has good motor nerves.”

— Anonymous military personnel

“She’s got a delightful and easy-going personality, so I don’t think she’ll have any problems even in the highly feared trench fights.”

— Anonymous military personnel

Other female idols included in the results were Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri (16%), EXID‘s Hani (12%), SISTAR‘s Soyou, Hyorin, and Bora (tieing at 7%), TWICE‘s Jungyeon (5%), I.O.I‘s Somi (3%), and MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa (3%).

Source: News1