Korean ARMYs Created A Whole Website For Tracking BTS’s Songs On Music Charts

ARMYs take their streaming very seriously.

Being able to increase an artist’s ranking on music charts by way of streaming and purchasing albums is an important task for a fandom.

BTS‘s ARMY takes it very seriously, making just about every single song they release shoot to the top of the charts—on every platform.

To efficiently keep track of everything that’s happening with BTS’s multiple songs on the various charts, Korean fans have come up with a solution.

They’ve created an entire website, TeamARMYforBTS, for everyone to quickly access the realtime and daily chart numbers for streaming sites such as Bugs and FLO.

They’ve even simplified it further by giving a detailed look at the number of listeners and play counts, which is only currently available for Melon and Genie on the website.

Not only did a team of ARMYs work hard to put such a useful website together, but they’re supposedly not accepting any payment or donations from other fans.

Although the website is currently only in Korean, that hasn’t stopped other fans from using it and translating it by whatever means necessary. It looks like it’ll be a useful website for all ARMYs.

ARMYs are genuinely one of the most amazing and creative fandoms out there. Check out more information about the fan-created website here.