Korean ARMYs Have A Special Message For International ARMYs — And They’re Honestly Heartwarming

When asked if they had any messages for international ARMYs, here’s how Korean ARMYs responded.

Since worldwide superstar group BTS is a global phenomenon…

…it’s no wonder their fandom is truly diverse.

BTS’s fans, also known as ARMYs, do not discriminate, as they are composed of different people of different ages…

…and different nationalities and walks of life, aside from their usual fans.

And perhaps it’s because BTS loves their fans so much — that’s why the fans couldn’t help but love each other, too. For example, when ASIAN Boss asked Korean ARMYs if they had any messages for international fans…

…the fans smiled and told them:

Let’s continue to obsess over them together.

– Korean ARMY to international ARMYs

Another Korean ARMY shouted a nickname, “International lovelies!”

When they were asked about the nickname’s meaning, they started off by saying that usually, Korean fans don’t get along with overseas fans…

…but it’s different in the case of ARMYs, since BTS fans usually get along with each other.

That’s why Korean ARMYs have a special nickname for the international fans: International lovelies.

In addition, another pair of Korean ARMYs wanted to tell the overseas fans that they really like the fact that international fans love and cherish BTS.

They ended their message by simply saying, “We appreciate it.”

It’s wonderful whenever there’s a touching interaction between fans from different nationalities, don’t you think?

Like BTS, like ARMYs — where did ARMYs get their compassionate nature from? It’s from BTS members themselves, of course! Just check out the next article below to read more about Jimin‘s protective side whenever he’s taking care of Jungkook.

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