This Korean Artist From Busan Is Making The Most Delicious Idol Fan Arts

PANK is adding idols to the breakfast menu.

Korean artist PANK uses a unique canvas to create his K-Pop fan art: pancakes!


That’s right! This pastry genius bakes idols into breakfast food that is too beautiful to eat.

What better way to start your morning than by seeing TWICE Dahyun‘s smiling face?


PANK begins his edible art by drawing an outline of each idol directly on his pan.


Then he fills in the drawing with brightly dyed pancake batter.


The portrait looks like a blobby silhouette as it cooks, but when PANK flips it over…


Voila! A masterpiece!


PANK currently has over 130K YouTube subscribers and has amassed more than 19 million views. Every day, he uploads a new a pancake art video that features a different idol.


So far, he has created pancakes of TWICE…






…and Wanna One.


PANK also creates pancakes of popular cartoon and anime characters, like Winnie the Pooh.


To date, PANK’s most popular idol pancake is BTS’s V. The video of this art piece currently has over 545K views.


Watch PANK bring TWICE’s “Dance the Night Away” Tzuyu to life in his latest video.