Korean Artist Recreates Architecture From Different Cities In The Dreamiest Way Possible

Artist Sunga Park travels the world and brings the memories of her adventures to life using water colors.

Sunga Park is a Korean artist based in Bangkok, Thailand, who loves to travel and create watercolor paintings of significant pieces of architecture along the way. The beauty of her work is in the way she paints as she doesn’t just recreate the scenery, she adds a touch of magic and mystery.


Details 🙂

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Sunga Park’s unique style provides a portrait of her surroundings that go from the real to the surreal. They usually start off detailed and then fade off into an air of mystery and faded watercolors.

This is said to represent the image as it is in our memory; something that starts off vivid and clear but whose details fades with time. Despite being famous for her architectural paintings, Sunga also paints portraits of people.

You can check out more of her amazing artwork below:

Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG in der Speicherstadt, Hamburg, Deutschland

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st. George’s terrace in Perth WA, Australia / w32.9 x h50 cm watercolor and pens on paper

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Uyghur #3 Kashgar, China w20 x h28 cm watercolor and pen on paper

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Mind map

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Source: Colossal